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Dr. Becky Grasser, Professor
Program:Information Technology & Computer Science
Phone Number:440-525-7282
Alternate Phone:440-525-7085
Document 1:ReferenceAndResumePolicy.htm
Document 2:FAQ_2012.pdf
Office HoursSpring 2014
Monday 2:30PM - 5:30 PM
Tuesday 9:00AM - 2:00 PM
Wednesday 2:30PM - 5:30 PM

Finals Week: By Appointment Only
Please make appointments by email. Email is, in general, the best/fastest way to contact me.
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Twitter: @lakelanditcs

ITON1011 - Comparative Analysis of OS (Fall only)
ITCS1105 - Web Programming I (Spring only)
ITCS1870 - Python I (Spring Only)
ITCS2012 - Discrete Structures (Spring only)
ITCS2080 - Fundamentals of Software Engineering (Fall only)
ITCS2120 - JavaScript Programming (Fall only)
ITCS2870 - Data Structures (Fall only)
ITCS2875 - Computer Architecture and Organization (Spring only)
MATH2130 - Business Statistics I (all terms)
MATH2135 - Business Statistics II (all terms)
Academic CredentialsDoctor of Engineering (Cleveland State University)
MFA Master of Fine Arts (Academy of Art University - expected 2017)
MBA Master of Business Administration (Cleveland State University)
MCIS Master of Computer and Information Science (Cleveland State University)
B.S. Computer Engineering (George Washington University)
B.S. Communications (Ohio University)
Associate of Arts (Lakeland Community College)

Registered Professional Engineer (Ohio)

Certified Software Development Professional (IEEE Computer Society)

Certified Online Instructor
InformationTentative Book Information for all IT & CS courses (ITCS, ITDB, ITIS, ITON) AND MATH2130 & 2135:

Please see: http://itcs.lakelandcc.edu/bookList.htm

Online Students (including MATH2130 & 2135 students) - Please make sure you view the general orientation on the Distance Learning Web Site, and the course specific orientation as well as the ITCS Online Courses FAQ (http://itcs.lakelandcc.edu/DistanceLearning/).

Other sites to explore: Handbook for Online Students
Academic/Industry ExperienceAdjunct Faculty, Cleveland Institute of Art (Continuing Education + Community Outreach)

Computer and Information Science - part-time faculty - Cleveland State University

Systems Analyst - Cleveland Clinic Foundation

The Pledge of the Computing Professional

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