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Gregory Truhan, Associate Professor
DivisionSocial Science & Public Service
Program:Criminal Justice (CRMJ)
Phone Number:440.525.7136
Alternate Phone:440.525.7185
Office HoursPosted on office door or call/email for an appointment at any time.
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Academic CredentialsMaster of Science in Criminal Justice, Youngstown State University. Emphasis area of study: Police Management; Thesis title: "The Full Moon's Influence on Selected Criminal Behavior and Calls for Police Service in Youngstown, Ohio", 1986.

Bachelor of Science in Applied Science, Law Enforcement Administration (Minor in Psychology), Youngstown State University, 1981.

Alpha Phi Sigma, National Criminal Justice Honor Society, 1980.

United States Secret Service, Special Agent Training Course, Class # 105, Washington, D.C. and Beltsville, Maryland, 1987.

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Criminal Investigator Course, Class # 704, Glynco, Georgia. Honor Graduate in class of 24 (highest academic grade point average, 97%); Achieved an "Expert" score on the Practical Pistol Course, 1986.

Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy, Instruction Skills Courses: 2009, 2008, 2007.

Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy, “Crisis Intervention" Instruction Skills Courses (supplemental/additional required training for this Special Topic Instructor Certification): 2012, 2009.

Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy, Police Officer Practitioner Courses: 1981, 1979.
InformationPrior to joining Lakeland Community College, Greg spent 22 years as a Special Agent with the United States Secret Service, Department of Homeland Security, retiring in 2008 as a Senior Special Agent.

Greg spent the majority of his career conducting Protective Intelligence field assignments, including pre-visit advances, investigations, threat assessments and crisis intervention, as well as receiving extensive and ongoing training/education in the topics. From 2000 to 2008, Greg was the Lead Protective Intelligence Coordinator and Threat Assessment Investigator for the Cleveland Field Office which covers the Federal Judicial District of Northern Ohio.

He was a member of the Cuyahoga County (Ohio) Mental Health Court Initiative Committee that developed and presented the Mental Health Court Docket Model at the state’s Eighth District Judicial Conference in 2002.

Greg conducted numerous protective assignments for the Secret Service around the world including Afghanistan, Belgium, Bermuda, Bosnia, Egypt, England, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Guam, Guyana, Haiti, Israel, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Japan, Liberia, Nicaragua, Niger, Norway, Palestine, Poland, Sudan, and Uganda.

In 2007, Greg conducted and co-authored a Protective Survey and Risk Assessment for Cleveland City Hall, which was used by the City to obtain $3 million in federal grants to implement the recommendations.

In 2004, Greg was a presenter at the MAPPA (Midwest Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers) Annual Conference, held in Cleveland, Ohio. His session was titled "Homeland Security and Higher Education".

In 2002, he worked in Afghanistan as a member of the Security Advance Team for the visit of U.S. Secretary of Treasury Paul O'Neill.

After the terrorist attacks on 09/11/2001, Greg was assigned to the World Trade Center Recovery Task Force, working at "Ground Zero" in New York City.

In 2000, he was the Case Agent and Co-Affiant for the first known federal prosecution of WIC (Women, Infants & Children) Program fraud utilizing a federal Money Laundering charge. As a member of a multi-agency Task Force, Greg authored a 21 page Operations Plan for the execution of three federal arrests, three federal search warrants, and seizure of two automobiles, seven bank accounts, four parcels of real property and two business assets in the greater Cleveland area. Three defendants were convicted and forfeited assets to the Federal Government in the amount of one million dollars.

In 1994, he was the Case Agent and Co-Affiant for a major credit card fraud investigation in Miami, Florida. Utilizing a 30 day telephone wire tap, the investigation intercepted over 10K telephone conversations and resulted in the federal arrest and conviction of eight Nigerian Nationals; execution of five federal search warrants; and seizure of assets including $52K in cash, two automobiles, and computer equipment valued in excess of $40K. Seized 325 blank credit card applications, 17 blank Republic of Guyana International Driver Licenses, five fraudulent State of Florida Driver Licenses, and two blank U.S. Virgin Islands birth certificates. Identified 29 mail drop boxes and 55 victims of Identity Theft with fraud losses over $600K. Losses and victims would have been significantly higher had this criminal enterprise continued to operate.

In 1992, Greg was nominated by MasterCard International for the IACCI (International Association of Credit Card Investigators) Law Enforcement Officer of the Year in the State of Florida.

Prior to joining the Secret Service, Greg worked seven years as a Police Officer in Youngstown, Ohio, two years as an Auxiliary and five years full time.

In 1985, Greg was honored by a Youngstown City Council Resolution for selection to the Citizen Ambassador Program’s Criminal Justice Delegation that visited the People’s Republic of China. The month long trip was documented in a published journal of activities. Noteworthy delegation members included William F. Weld, United States Attorney, who went on to serve as Governor of Massachusetts from 1991-1997, and Louie L. Wainwright, Secretary, Florida Department of Corrections from 1962-1987, the respondent in the landmark U.S. Supreme Court Cases Gideon v. Wainwright (1963) and Ford v. Wainwright (1986).
Academic/Industry ExperienceRecipient of the Lakeland Community College 2013 Excellence in Teaching Award (nominated by students/evaluated by peers).

Police Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training Instructor for the Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) Board of Cuyahoga County since 2012.

Historian/Consultant to the Lakeland Civic Theatre production of the Stephen Sondheim play “Assassins” held at Lakeland Community College. "Assassins" is a dark comedy/satire musical, based largely on historical fact, about the men and women who have attempted (successfully and not) to assassinate presidents of the United States. It was the winner of 5 Broadway Tony Awards in 2004. Lakeland's production ran every weekend in February 2011 for 11 performances. Greg also participated in the post play discussions with the audience that were held after every performance, along with Director Martin Friedman and members of the cast and crew.

Joined Lakeland Community College as Full-Time Faculty in 2008.

Certified Instructor in the State of Ohio Basic Police Academy since 2007.

Senior Special Agent, United States Secret Service (Department of the Treasury/Department of Homeland Security) (retired), 1986-2008.

Police Officer, Youngstown, Ohio Police Department, 1979-1987.

Police Officer, Poland Village, Ohio Police Department, 1981.

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