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Dr. Steven Vieira, Associate Professor of Biology
DivisionScience & Health
Program:Biology (BIOL)
Phone Number:440-525-7155
Alternate Phone:440-525-7304
Document 1:BIOL 1510 syllabus Spring 2013.pdf
Document 2:BIOL1170-Syllabus (Fall 08).pdf
Document 3:Evolution syllabus Spring 2013.pdf
Office HoursBy appointment
Link URLBiology Department Web Page
CoursesBIOL 1510 Principles of Biology 1
BIOL 1170 Ecology and Environmental Biology
BIOL 1190 Intro to Evolutionary Biology
BIOL 1030 Environmental Science
BIOL 1200 Fund. of Biology for Health Sci.
BIOL 1010 Intro to Biology 1
BIOL 1020 Intro to Biology 2
Academic CredentialsB.A. in Biology- Hiram College
PhD in Zoology/Ecology/Evolution- Michigan State University
InformationInterests include ecology of birds and other vertebrates & evolutionary biology.
Academic/Industry Experience

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