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Game Schedule
8/23/2013Lansing CC (Oakland CC Tournament)Auburn Hills, Mich.12:45 PM
8/23/2013Oakland CC (Oakland CC Tournament)Auburn Hills, Mich.4:15 PM
8/24/2013Schoolcraft College (Oakland CC Tournament)Auburn Hills, Mich.1:30 PM
8/24/2013Mott CC (Oakland CC Tournament)Auburn Hills, Mich.10 AM
8/30/2013Schoolcraft College (Owens Invitational)Perrysburg, Ohio10 AM
8/30/2013Jackson College (Owens Invitational)Perrysburg, Ohio12 PM
8/31/2013St. Clair County CC (Owens Invitational)Perrysburg, Ohio1:30 PM
8/31/2013Mott CC (Owens Invitational)Perrysburg, Ohio10 AM
9/4/2013Cuyahoga CC *Highland Heights, Ohio6:00 PM
9/6/2013Columbus State CC *Columbus, Ohio6:00 PM
9/7/2013Cincinnati State Technical & CC *Cincinnati, Ohio11 AM
9/11/2013Owens CC *Perrysburg, Ohio5:00 PM
9/13/2013Notre Dame JV (McBride Memorial Tournament)Lakeland1:00 PM
9/13/2013Mercyhurst NE (McBride Memorial Tournament)Lakeland2:15 PM
9/13/2013Genesee CC (McBride Memorial Tournament)Lakeland4:45 PM
9/13/2013St. Clair County CC (McBride Memorial Tournament)Lakeland7:30 PM
9/14/2013Sinclair CC (McBride Tournament First Round)Lakeland1:30 PM
9/14/2013Sinclair CC (McBride Memorial Tournament)Lakeland11 AM
9/14/2013Lake Mich. College (McBride Memorial Tournament)Lakeland9:45 AM
9/18/2013Lorain County CC *Elyria, Ohio6:00 PM
9/20/2013Sinclair CC *Lakeland6:00 PM
9/25/2013Notre Dame College JVLakeland6:00 PM
10/2/2013Niagara County CCSanborn, N.Y.6:00 PM
10/9/2013Owens CC *Lakeland5:00 PM
10/11/2013Columbus State CC *Lakeland6:00 PM
10/12/2013Cincinnati State Technical & CC *Lakeland11 AM
10/16/2013Lorain County CC *Lakeland6:00 PM
10/18/2013Mercyhurst North EastNorth East, Pa.5:00 PM
10/19/2013Edison CC *Lakeland11 AM
10/23/2013Cuyahoga CC *Lakeland6:00 PM
10/25/2013Sinclair CC *Dayton, Ohio6:00 PM
10/26/2013Edison CC *Piqua, Ohio11 AM

OCCAC Games Denoted with *

Game Results
OpponentWin / LossScore
Lansing CC (Oakland CC Tournament)Loss0 - 3
Oakland CC (Oakland CC Tournament)Loss0 - 3
Schoolcraft College (Oakland CC Tournament)Loss0 - 3
Mott CC (Oakland CC Tournament)Loss0 - 3
Schoolcraft College (Owens Invitational) Loss1 - 3
Jackson College (Owens Invitational) Loss0 - 3
St. Clair County CC (Owens Invitational) Loss1 - 3
Mott CC (Owens Invitational) Loss0 - 3
Cuyahoga CC *Won3 - 1
Columbus State CC *Loss0 - 3
Cincinnati State Technical & CC *Loss0 - 3
Owens CC *Loss0 - 3
Notre Dame JV (McBride Memorial Tournament) Won2 - 0
Mercyhurst NE (McBride Memorial Tournament) Won2 - 0
Genesee CC (McBride Memorial Tournament) Loss0 - 2
St. Clair County CC (McBride Memorial Tournament) Loss0 - 2
Sinclair CC (McBride Tournament First Round) Loss0 - 2
Sinclair CC (McBride Memorial Tournament) Loss0 - 2
Lake Mich. College (McBride Memorial Tournament) Won2 - 0
Lorain County CC *Loss0 - 3
Sinclair CC *Loss0 - 3
Notre Dame College JV Won3 - 1
Niagara County CC Loss2 - 3
Owens CC *Loss0 - 3
Columbus State CC *Loss0 - 3
Cincinnati State Technical & CC *Loss0 - 3
Lorain County CC *Loss2 - 3
Mercyhurst North East Won3 - 1
Edison CC *Loss0 - 3
Cuyahoga CC *Loss2 - 3
Sinclair CC *Loss0 - 3
Edison CC *Loss0 - 3
6-26 Overall    0 Scrimmage    0 Not Played0-0 Conference Overall

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