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Laker Athletics Hall of Fame


The purpose of the Lakeland Community College Athletic Hall of Fame is to recognize those individuals who have contributed significantly to the quality and success of the Lakeland Community College athletic programs. 


Persons are eligible for Hall of Fame induction when they meet the suggested eligibility guidelines listed below and have met the required waiting period. Areas in which one could meet the criteria for these guidelines would be in personal or team athletic success, extraordinary service, or significant contribution to Lakeland athletics.

Suggested eligibility guidelines:

a.) Named All-American, or
            b.) Won an NJCAA National Championship, or
            c.) Named Athlete of the Year, or
            d.) Received Conference honors, or
            e.) Led the nation/conference in a recognized statistical category, or
f.) As a student-athlete, distinguished him/herself and the college through major victories, statistical achievements, records, or other substantial accomplishments not mentioned in items a-e above.
g.) Other persons (coaches, administrators, community members, faculty/staff etc) who have made a significant contribution to the athletic program.
Eligibility waiting period:

  1. Nominees shall be first eligible for nomination five full academic years after completing his/her athletic eligibility, coaching, or employment at the college.  Nominees that have not been a student-athlete or employee of the college shall have no waiting period.
  2. The Committee may consider waiving the time requirement in extraordinary situations. To do so, a unanimous vote would be required by the Committee.

III. Selection Committee

A selection committee shall meet and review all eligible nominations submitted. The following is the review process:

  1. Each committee member, to determine an induction class for that given year, shall rank those nominated, from highest to lowest priority.  
  2. The top five committee ranked nominees shall be eligible for induction.
  3. The committee will then review the top five nominees and make a decision as to who will be inducted. There must be 75% agreement for an individual to be inducted.
  4. The committee will be assembled by the Athletic Director and shall consist of the Athletic Director (committee chairperson), two current coaches (one representing male athletes, one representing female athletes), three persons historically associated with the athletic program, one member of the college faculty, and one member of the local media.
  5. After the inaugural induction, no more than five inductees shall be determined for any class. 


IV.   Nominations

Any individual may make a nomination by the deadline established by the nomination committee (March 9).  Nominations must be made on an official nomination form, available in the Director of Athletics office, or online. Any supporting documentation must be submitted with the nomination form.  Nominations shall be considered for two years after submission.

V.    Athletic All-Americans

Student-athletes, who have earned athletic All-American status as established by the Lakeland Community College athletic department, shall automatically be recognized by having their name put on a name plate within the Hall of Fame.

VI. Academic All-Americans

Student-athletes, who have earned Academic All-American status, as established by the Lakeland Community College athletic department, shall be listed on the monitor within the Hall of Fame.

VII. Induction Ceremony

The 2014 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will take place on Thursday, May 1 at 6:00 p.m. in the Athletic and Fitness Center.  Hall of Fame members and All-Americans shall be invited to participate in all future induction ceremonies.

VIII.   Inductees

Hall of Fame inductees shall retain a permanent position within the Hall of Fame and be entitled to all associated member benefits. These include updates within the athletic program and open invitations to all athletic related activities.

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